Had my hair cut and feel WEIRD!


Anyone else wished for their hair back after having it cut? Now i've had my viva I wanted to spruce up my hair. It is (was) long with blonde highlights, but because of repeated colouring it started to get very dry, lank and brittle. So today I decided to have it recoloured, but this time get a conditioning treatment and have it restyled, thinking that having a considerable amount cut off would look better.

This morning it was halfway down my back - now it's a bob. It's graduated so it's about 3 inches longer at the front than the back, but I'm feeling abit shaky. I like it, but not sure yet if I really LOVE it. The condition DOES look better, but now I'm flitting between liking at, and then wishing I had my long hair back!! Please tell me I've done the right thing!!


I had mine cut today (granted not as much as yours!) it was long for me (about 4 inches), and I quite liked it a bit longer.. I asked for a general tidy up and just a little bit of thinning out and shortening; like an inch or so off.. now its about an inch long overall and I don't like it! I think he got a bit over excited!

But on the plus side means I wont have to go again for a couple of months!!


I've always had long hair and feel quite spiritual about it, so fully sympathise with the fact that you feel 'weird' - it's bound to have an effect.
I did once cut my pony-tail off (on impulse) and actually felt better,and I must admit to having had moments where I've wanted to do a 'Britney Spears' but - thankfully - managed to control myself. I can understand why she did it though, I think it's symbolic. On the other hand I could be reading stuff into a publicity stunt, in which case it's just sym-b****cks!

Anyway, I'm still straggly and scruffy and you look gorgeous and professional, no doubt.


I bet it looks fantastic!! Give it a few days and I'm sure you'll feel good about it


Yep, I've been there many, many times.

I just had a trim and it was really only an inch taken off, and my hair is past shoulder length anyway, but somehow it looks really different (and not so nice). Hopefully in 2 months it will be back how it was. Your hair souns nice, graduated bobs are usually very flattering. I had one and really liked it, but cos my hair is wavy it was too much maintenance.


hi kronkodile. Great decision. I'm sure you'll like it more in a few days. I'll too cut mine short soon, been long for too long and it is far too long now. Why don't you look at some nice pictures of people with short hair. So you can wear it in a different way every day.

You must look funkier and more refreshed than you did this this morning.


Don't worry, I bet it looks fab and bobs are v.ontrend .
Its always a wierd feeling when you go from really long white blonde, to having quite a bit chopped off -I am sure it'll grow on you ( pardon the pun). 7 years ago I went from having long blonde hair all my life to a dark brunette mia farrow job and thats the piccie in my passport. Since then I must have had every colour and length in between and have been asked for additional ID and even stopped at customs in a few places because I now look so different. Its good for the soul to have a change & you can always grow it


Hey everyone, thanks!

I'm feeling much better now - I actually went back to the hairdressers - I was trying to work out what I wasn't happy with, and saw that it looked uneven at the back. This was because some of the blonde had been cut out and exposed my natural colour underneath, making it look more "choppy" when it was in fact level. I went back and had afew more highlights put in this bit and now it looks GREAT and I DO love it! It was a much needed change!


i hadn't had my hair cut for over a year until last november when it all came off for children in need. a good cause but i really miss my nice long hair and it was b****y cold when i got outside.

Its grown back quite a bit now but they are already planning the next big charity thing where it all comes off


ah, yes I have always wondered why anyone subjects themselve to the ordeal of the hair dressers,