have your research illustrated by a science illustrator!


Hello all, just some background here to hopefully help my offer make some sense:

I'm a Science Illustration masters student, and my thesis for next year requires me to work with a researcher to communicate their findings visually. My programme covers a range of topics but the general gist is that we are learning to create illustrations that help people understand something scientific. You can see some previous student work and get an idea of what we generally do here: https://www.zuyd.nl/en/programmes/master-scientific-illustration/

The final graduation project will take the form of a publication- in whichever format that works best for the research being shown. Furthermore, I'm seeking out somebody who would be interested in working with me to plan and create a series of illustrations for your research.

What you would gain:
-a range of visuals and artworks, and a book summing up your research topic, at no cost

What we would do:
-go over the research, decide on an audience to communicate to
-find key points in the research that you wish to be illustrated
-come up with a plan for how you want the ideas to be shown visually

You can see existing examples of my scientific art at instagram.com/elowes_anatomical
Although my studies are based in the Netherlands, I'm able to travel and am looking for a collaboration that would span the timeframe between dec 2021-july2022, although as we are a small masters programme this can definitely be more flexible and I can work around the course organisation timeline as needed.

If this sounds interesting to you, or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to respond! Also if you know others who may be interested, it would be super helpful if you could put me in touch with them too.

Thanks a bunch!


I wish I was doing science! This sounds so cool!

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Hi Elowes,

I looked at your Instagram, you are good!
I would loved to have worked with you but I will hopefully be finished my PhD by the time you want to start. I hope you find someone as you are clearly talented and we definitely need more people improving science communication.