HC1 question


hi, please can someone explain to me what this means. It is in Part 8 (People in full time education) of the claim for help with health costs form.

8.7 How much do you pay?
Take off amounts for heating, lighting, cooking and hot water if they are included in your rent and you know the amounts.

If I am paying £480 per month and heating etc. is not included in the rent, should I fill it £480 + £120 per month?

What does "take off amounts" mean?
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Take off, means subtract in this instance. So, if you know that X amount for heating is included in your rent, then subtract / deduct that from the figure you give them. Obviously you can only do this if you know the amounts and it is included.

Since you pay extra for that, don't include it in the figure, you would just put £480.


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