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This is a bit of an ask, but I wonder if anyone has access to this paper at all, if they have a spare moment? Cornwell, C. J. and M. H. Schmitt (1990). "Perceived health status, self-esteem and body image in women with rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus." Research in Nursing & Health 13(2): 99-107.
It's on Wiley-Interscience, but I only have access to 1997? Thank you.

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Sorry Wal - I so wanted to find this for you after all the help you've been reading my chapter, but alas, my university has no access :-(

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Sorry, I wanted to return the favour as well but I only have access from 1997.


No worries, and thanks for both trying. I think it's one of those awkward papers that only very few universities (i.e. Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford) have access to online.


I tried three universities' electronic catalogues but access in all three starts at 1996 - possibly the package universities are buying? A few people on the forum seem to have really good access so hopefully somebody else can help.

I did find Cornwell, C.J. at St Louis University, you can get his email via their people finder - could be worth a shot??

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Sorry Wally, I can't get it either


I have emailed it to you. :-)


Quote From SBCC:

I have emailed it to you. :-)

Thank you very much for getting hold of it for me SBCC. It's much appreciated.(up)