How the stars work!


Hi all you lovely forum users, some of you are having trouble getting to grips with the star system so here is the explanation! I will say this only once...

To vote for people to be helpful YOU have to have CREATED the thread.

Only when you have created the thread with the button become visible to you.

You can vote for a person once and once only after this they won't have a useful button on threads you create.

You can vote for a person weather they are online or not

Any further questions on this write them below and we'll answer them then old and new users alike can read this thread to get an instant understanding of the PGF Star system.

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How many clicks do you have to get to get each star, I know its one click for 1 star, but how many for 2 stars etc.


Alas, the star system was set up by our web people when the forum was created, so we mods don't even know the answer to this ourselves! The only clue we have is this line, quoted from the forum rules:

"One star is quite easy to achieve, two stars a little harder and so on."

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ooh, maybe if you clicked the helpful user button for me, it might aid your understanding!