I had a dream....


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....that I was keeping three fish as pets (a black one, an orange one and a white one), in separate pint glasses (one each). One day I took them outside for some sun. A big bird of some kind swooped down and ate one of them. The second jumped out of the pint glass, and it was only when I bent down to pick him up and put him back in that I realised he had shattered into hundreds of small pieces, as though made of glass. The third one was also killed, but alas, my memory of the dream has failed me and I do not recollect how he died.

This is one of a number of increasingly bizarre and vivd dreams I have been having recently...I wondered if there are any dream analysts out there who would care to offer me an interpretation, or anyone else who has been having amusing and somewhat whacky dreams at the moment?! I wake up emotionally drained and exhausted every morning, wondering how our minds even begin to put these things together!


Cheers! KB


Hey KB,

Are you on painkillers for your leg injury? That could be the source of the whacky dreams!

CG x

PS Been meaning to write you a pm and catch up with your progress but things have been manic, sorry! Hope you're doing ok


Your dream suggests that in the future you will pay taxes and then, further in the future, you will die.

Sorry for the bad news.

PS: I am not affiliated with the Institute of Dream Interpretologists, bunch of hacks that they are. D'you know they can't even prove their interpretations are correct?


As I child I often went through fairly disturbing mental states. I remember that I had a recurrent dream virtually every night for several years. I would be chased up the 3 stories of our house by a terrifying witch, I would be forced to jump of the top banister, and would always wake up before I hit the ground. (shudder)


My guess is that it means that next time you're in the pub you should check your pint before you drink it. Just in case there is a fish in there. But I could be wrong.

Last week I dreamt that I had been invited to play golf with Terry Wogan. What the heck does that mean? :-)

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Whenever I'm unhappy I dream of being caught in a war zone - not one I've seen on tv- the place where I live turns into a warzone or some other places that are familiar to me. The people in the dreams are people I know too - sometimes friends and family but often people I once knew or even just met. The weapons change, bombs, arrows, spears but the feeling of sheer terror is always the same. I wake up terrified, convinced that the dream is real and it takes a couple of hours before I am myself again. Not too difficult to interpret that one I imagine!


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Changing a few medications at the moment and to say the dreams are vivid are an understatement - had a dream a week ago that WWIII started and we were caught in the nuclear blast and all on fire (I distinctly remember in the dream asking was I awake or asleep and convinced I was in the latter, resigned meself to a fiery end, which after 2 mins of being on fire I started looking at my watch wondering was the whole experience overrated!). I think that is when they really f**k with the head i.e. am I awake or asleep here? The real great thing though is the whole adventure - I know that sounds sad, but I really get a buzz. Why the f**k is there not more knowledge of something that is so significant? We experience them every night! Would love to be able to record them as I have a few recurring good ones (power of flight) and bad ones (getting stabbed). Had a bad one last night - my brother, who doesn't smoke anyways, was teaching his 2 yr old son how to roll a rollie!

By the way, on Omega 3 at the mo and really finding it brill for getting concentration and sleep back into sync. Some minor side effects (small dose of acne) but well worth it!


hi keenbean
u didnt say which fish (what color) was eaten first?
i will try to analyse your dream but need the colours :-)))

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Hi KB, I go through phases of having very vivid dreams and I do think they tell me something about myself and my life. I usually take notice of how I feel when I wake up and remember the dream - I think that must be the emotion I am using the dream to process - and aknowledge it while reflecting on the dream. Sometimes it takes all day to suss out what it means, and sometimes I just forget about it, but I think dreams are always useful, and that they are our way of processing events and emotions, of varying degrees of gravity, in our lives.

I had a really vivid drean about fish a few months ago, but it was about a giant fish in a tank with smaller ones who were all frightened of the bigger one and trying to snap at it, even though the big fish only wanted to help the litlle ones. I took that to mean that I'd been getting hassle from people who recognised me as a big fish intellectually and were frightened I would swallow them up - as big fish are prone to do with little 'uns. It helped me to gain a perspective on crtain events in my life and on my position in the world. I hope this helps and doesn't sound too poncey. I think you know what your dream means already, it's just a matter of finding that meaning in your own psyche; I don't have much faith in other people interpreting my dreams, they don't have all the nuances about how I felt about different events in it - only the dreamer has that. Good luck X


I don't really know a lot about dream interpretation, however according to Freud dreams are repressed wishes, could this be like three tasks that you need to get done, but are worried about doing and wish they would just go away or that other people would do them? Are you finding yourself doing things for other people that they should be doing themselves? This is all I can think of at the moment, like Eska I do think dreams mean something, however abstracted from reality they may be. My dreams tend to be very realistic, which can be quite scary sometimes, they often wake me up and it takes me a while to work out I was dreaming.

I'm not sleeping very well at the moment so not really dreaming, but I find that when I do I have had a much better night's sleep and wake up feeling (slightly) more awake - in theory you should wake up feeling better if you've had a vivid dream because that means you've entered a deeper kind of sleep.


Hello KB,

As i have heart from some people (old people mostly), fish in you dream is not a vary good thing, it is a symbol for something that will make you worry too much. BUT definitely the thing that makes a significant difference is that all the 3 fishes were dead at the end. I dont know what's the actual symbolic meaning of the dead fishes but using some common sense we can say that probably the reasons that will worry you that much will be soon "dead" / gone as well. the other thing, try to eat smth light  at night cos probably this is the main reason for so strange sci-fi dreams . when i have a heavy meal i see dreams that are completely out of reality and definitely can make a contribution in entertainment industry if I suggest them as movie ideas.. 
the other thing that cakegirl said about the painkiller is also a very good reason for such kind of dreams (btw hope u will be ok soon)!

you can also try this link here "http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/f2.htm"

anw long story short, don't worry that much everything will go fine and have lighter meals for dinner


Wow, your responses are really interesting! EV, that is so strange- I have also had the same dream several times where there is a war and I am at some sort of war camp that is based in the building my office is in! I always get sent out to fight without a weapon to use and I end up dead each time! As for the fish- I think it was the black one that got killed first, but I wouldn't swear to it! So odd, but I have had a change in some medication recently (not the painkillers- I am off those now!) which a pal has told me is associated with really vivid and unusual dreams, so maybe that is at the bottom of it. I can't get my head around why my dreams are so unpleasant though when everything in my life is running pretty smoothly and I feel quite content! You are right Bonzo- it's such a fascinating subject that we know so little about! Ah well, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a nice happy dream about a cream cake or something tonight! Thanks for your input- I didn't actually expect anyone to put forward an interpretation, I am impressed by the huge knowledge base we clearly have on this forum!! Cheers, KB


On reading everyones replies you sure aren't alone! I get some pretty messed up dreams sometimes, which are clearly a load of c-rap. BUT, like you, I do get this one dream which without a doubt, always occurs when i'm coming up to a stressful event, or i'm putting pressure on myself to get something done. So on that note, i'll add my dream story here too!

I'm dreams about laying in bed, sort of just about to wake up, i'm always lying on my side, facing the window and it's daylight outside (which means i've slept in, because usually I leave for the lab before dawn, mainly because i work better in the mornings, and secretly, I want to be home to watch trashy 7pm television). Then i roll over onto my back and open my eyes and I see this massive spider coming down towards my face on his web like he is absailing, which usually results in me screaming and jumping out of bed and waking up terrified across the other side of the bedroom and my boyfriend looking at me like i'm nuts.

Wish I knew what that MEANT, although I know when it will occur.

Anyways, weird dreams, you aren't alone!

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I find I have much more vivid dreams when I am dieting as I usually go to bed quite hungry. I did go through a phase where I used to have very vivid dreams of my other half cheating on me, me catching him and then him giving me this awful smirk, like he thought it was funny, then I would wake up and batter him around the head for being so nasty - which of course wasn't his fault, probably just my low self esteem on 'fat days' haha.

I used to have nightmares every night about being chased by scary dogs and not being able to get away - stemming from an episode when I was about 5 and I was chased through the woods by a big alsation who then floored me and tried to bite me, i had fallen behind my family who were out walking.

I now have dreams of vampires of various sorts as am obsessed with true blood and twilight (yes I do feel VERY ashamed)


When I was little my recurring dream was that I was a small daisy type thing in a massive patch of bare earth, and coming towards me would be a bulldozer......I was a strange child. Mostly though mine are just shapeshifting and utterly bizarre. I'm a little munch-monster so food could indeed be something to do with it.