i hate people who come to the office to talk


i came to the office to work and now everyone is making so much noise. i wonder why people bother showing up at the office if all they'll do is talk talk and talk. its really annoying!!!!!!!!!!!


Tell me about it, i know exactly how you feel!
I came in this morning, hadloads of reading to do and what happens? everyone in the office decides to talk, play videos on youtube and the list goes on. ARRRGH. Did i get any reading done? NO.


Yep it annoys me too. It's so hard to think straight when people are chattering. On the noise front, more annoying still is that my office is near a public car park and every single day someone's car alarm seems to go off. Some days I feel like hurling bricks at the cars in question from the window! Whenever I can I now work at home.


ear plugs.