IELTS Academic and General pegagogical review research


Greetings postgrad forum community,

I am Dr. Jay Jericho from The Free School.

I am conducting a global research project that aims to identify all strengths and limitations of the IELTS global exam from the perspective of those who use IELTS's official exam preparation resources, especially those resources that are replicate real-life exam questions (reading, writing, listening, speaking).

If you are able to offer any feedback, you will be offering a great service to yourself, fellow IELTS test-takers, IELTS tutors and the IELTS group.

As a gesture of goodwill, I am happy to help any person with a reading, writing, listening or speaking exercise so long as they offer one piece of constructive feedback about their experience using IELTS's official exam practice resources.

I also welcome feedback about your experiences (positive or otherwise) of taking an official IELTS exam in the past.

Full details about the research proposal are available on request.

I am a strong supporter of international students, migrant workers, IELTS scholars and this forum's community.

I wish you well.