If your PhD was an album cover...


Quite seriously, if your PhD was an album cover what would the design look like and what would the album be called? I've already designed mine inside my head...

On the front cover, there's a skanky table with papers strewn all over it, a half full bottle of fizzy Vimto, staple gun and a bowl containing the remains of dried up Weetabix. The whole scene is artistically lit by the eerie glow of a laptop screen. It could be modern art with an ironic low-brow twist. The title of the album (in functional Calibri font, of course): Academic Avenger and the Tome of Doom. In the list of the best PhD album covers of all time, it's going to number 1. It is the only one.


I like this especially the title - it'll definitely get to No 1!!! Maybe even the (robin) (snowman (tree) No 1!!! ;-)(up)


(snowman) poor frosty didn't work last time :p

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Mine would be very smilar to Fuseli's nightmare (my favourite painting) http://satan666.blogg.se/images/2009/20070913233540john_henry_fuseli_-_the_nightmare_37781656.jpg

But the horrible goblin thing would be my mounting worries.

The horse thing would be my supervisor eagerly waiting for work that will never arrive

and the stuff on the table would be a pile of empty chocolate wrappers


a mirror held up in front of another mirror receding into itself for ever


Argh, Biddysbottom, my brain hurts trying to picture that! I can't imagine what it would look like. It's going straight to number 1 and you're getting star number 1. :-)


It's the weetabix that makes the cover I think :D

Mine would be a blank computer document, with a cursor at the top left of the screen, waiting to write. It'd be called 'Bleeding Red Ink'.

Sneaks, a little off topic (and several days behind), do you know if the Fuseli painting is considered a representation of sleep paralysis or not? I've heard it described as the daemon on the chest, or the hag on the back etc before.