job search for post-doc...


I finished my doctorate program in anthropology recently, I have got rich CV with a lot of experience abroad (inc. teaching), but I only get negative answers from job applications, including the ones for fellowships. I would go to nearly every country in the world since I get an interesting job (in Austria anthropology has no value for society)....
Does anybody have similar experience?
what to do?
I only can try to apply for one more research scholarship... but I would like to have a real job.
I thank you for sharing experience.


My advice is to keep trying - I'd sent absolutely loads of applications out for months, and then had three interviews in one week. Also, don't be too over-ambituous - I have loads of undergrad and postgrad teaching experience, and was applying for lectureship positions that said they would accept applications from those nearing completion of a PhD, which gave me some hope, but they would still prefer someone with further post-doc and teaching experience. Good luck though - these things have a way of working themselvs out!