Making your own Christmas presents


Cleverclogs, I already have one of those! As well as a teabag with something about "those special cuppas we have shared" attached.

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clogs - that would go down very well on the wedding websites - its the kind of thing they love - pass the sick bucket!


i'm going for full blown homemade prezzies this year! never had the time before but fed up of money making Christmas racket and think its much more personal!
my mother in law is awful to get stuff for, so i'm making her a hamper - really fast and simple, buy a wicker basket and put tissue in bottom, then buy/make some gifts! i'm including a nice new picture of me and her son that she's wanted for ages, some nice coffee, bag of hot choc, mini marshmallows (just nice things she loves!), some biccies and chocs and anything else i might come across that she'd like! then buy some ribbons and cellophane off ebay and hey presto one gift done! and if you do for more than one person then works out even cheaper cos can buy/bake in bulk! i'm very impressed with my present idea, however we'll wait til boxing day to find out if it was a complete flop - back up plan is a nice scarf!! :)

I really don't get people who don't like home made stuff! i made my dad a xmas card afew years ago and it looked awful, like something a 5year old had made (i'm not very arty), but he loved it and was like a proud daddy who would treasure it forever! On the other hand my sister and I made a lovely card for my mother (who is a strange woman i don't associate with much), and she just turned her nose up at it!

hmmm.... :-)


Just noticed tis thread and I am all in favour of home-made presents. Last year I did a few hampers for people and filled it with goodies I had made - chutney, piccalli (sp?), jams and even some pickled onions! They went down really well and I was getting compliments on the food for months afterwards. This year I am making some friends some cushions and have made my mum and sister bags. I've found that people really appreciate the effort and thought that have gone into the gifts.


Picalilli? Haven't had that for years...might have to try and find some in the shops on the way home!

Am thinking of trying to make florentines, because they look impressive and I'm guessing you don't need to make that many, because they're pretty rich. And of course if the first batch goes wrong there'll be all that "cleaning up" of the chocolate to do :-)