Mugged on way home from office


Hi Guys,

Could use some friendly words, was walking home from my uni on Monday night (I am British but do a PostDoc at a Portuguese Uni) and I was mugged on the street. Thief got away with my handbag containing purse, phone(s), lab book and memory keys. I have lost no data what so ever and all he actually got was a handful of euros but I am feeling really down about it. Finding it hard to focus now and just feel so miserable.

hugs to all


Hey sorry to hear about that. I wish I was there I would have beat him up for you. Did you go to the police? At least you didn't get hurt physically, although it is still a traumatic experience...


Hi Timmy,

Thanks for your reply and offer to beat up the thief! I went to the police and they were really nice but said its so hard to catch them because all they actually do is go through the bag see if there is any cash and a phone worth taking (mine werent!) and dump everything else.
I am glad I wasnt hurt but it is a really rotten experience :(



What a rotten experience! I'm so sorry to hear that happened. These things are extremely stressful so give yourself a bit of time and do whatever relaxes you til the shock of it wears off. Look after yourself.


Sorry to hear that- I lost my wallet a month ago and it had all my credit cards (UK and here in Canada) as well as all my identity cards. Nothing is worse than that but glad the thief didn't get much. Always be vigilant, NEVER CARRY CASH, and have numbers of banks etc… to cancel cards etc ASAP. Try not to be alone if walking out late at night just because it's Portugal doesn't mean everywhere is safe. Look after yourself and remember: he didn't get much so it could've been worse.


So so sorry you have had this experience Bevcha. I am so pleased you at not physically injured but it is traumatic, and horribly unsettling.

I did my first degree in London and was mugged one evening in my final term, when I was walking from the tube station to home. It was very frightening, they hit my head and they took my things-in broad day light (!!) but as you say-the police said they only wanted my mobile and cash. It shook me up and I didn't feel safe for about two months. But, if it is any consolation, this feeling does pass - I carried on living in London for another year.

Please just be kind to yourself, don't pressure yourself to jump straight back into work, and when you do take it slowly if you some relaxing things and talk to a councillor about it if you need to. I hope you se feeling a little bettr. Take good care.


Hi guys,

Thank you all so much for your replies :) Lizzie and Incognito - I'm so sorry that you have both had such horrible experiences!

I still feel a lot of feelings of self reproach about the whole thing but that life I suppose - you live and learn :)

Hugs to all of you!



Hi Bevcha,

So sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Please don't blame yourself. You were just unlucky. Be kind to yourself and tell people around you so they can be kind to you.

A. xx


hi bevcha hope you are feeling better. I am glad you were not harmed.

I have experienced a burglary at home before, and lost my computer. They even took away the mouse! It isn't a nice feeling. For 2 years after the incident, I would check the front and back doors, windows everytime I reached home, I would hide my things (example--I would put my computer in the laundry basket UNDER clothes!), I would go back to check the front door MANY times to see if I had locked it before actually leaving.

And then after that it took me another 2 years to get over the fear of leaving the house.

Now I only check the door ONCE or twice and I don't religiously scan the house for intruders as I did before, although I am still as careful as I can be. Now, I also don't hide my things every time I go out.

Please give yourself some time to recover.

love satchi


Hi Satchi.

Thank you so much for your reply - oh my god that sounds so awful! I am so happy that you now feel much safer in your apartment. I think hiding things like that is a great idea to be honest. A friend of mine hides her jewelry in her fridge!

Thank you again for everyones emails - its a horrible experience but I am slowly starting to regain a bit of focus and perspective. I think what made it harder is that I am in this country on my own so it was a bit difficult without my boyfriend and my mum (I am almost 32 and I missed my Mum!)

thanks again guys - I know I can always rely on team PGF!