My PhD Story II - that helps you make your decision


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When it comes to the next step after phd. You need a reference from your supervisor(s). Here is the second part of the story.
Initially I was quite difficult to get a job even I performed very well at interview. Sometime, the refusal letter was written very harsh like “we do not have position for you” (implying do not apply us in the future). Guess who was doing things behind me, well, **** *******.
I got my first job after phd eventually because the employer offered me the job first and reference checking subsequently. I got my first postdoc because my new boss had argument with him when he asked for reference. No one who has an independent will would love to work with him.
Guess what, initially he lied to me that this had nothing to do with him. But he had no idea I get stronger and stronger everyday to overcome his hurdle he tried to impose on me.
We have agreed to publish my work. I spent a lot of time to prepare it, and he was never satisfactory. He merely put it aside, and I waited long time for his feedback. Initially he was scare tactic sometime like the papers would not be accepted without him and criticized my work would not be accepted anyway. Most people would say supervisor knew best. He knew best that I could take him out of the equation and applied scare tactic – super cheap!
Eventually this could not be continued to be this way and I redrafted my papers without him. I worked very hard for that and this gave me a great deal of pain. And they were accepted. I let him know, he gave no encouragement nor compliment and said this would have been accepted in a high impact journal with him who failed to deliver his support. My papers would have never out with him in fact.
So if you looking for a phd, this is him you may want to avoid.
My personal reference to him is that:
***** *******, shows no leadership, lacks determination and work inefficiently. Often failed to deliver his promise in begets or in time. He is more suitable to be in the circle of politic than in science. He believes in luck but has no substance. I would not believe a word he said (anymore) and I would not recommend anyone to work with or for him. However, he cares if you are very ill or dying. In that case, have a good rest.


You sound far far worse than Dave Barrett. He's not the idiot insulting people on an internet forum. I bet your poor reference was very well deserved.


I am going to agree with you CC.
I don't know this Barrett guy, but I believe is very rude and unacceptable to use people's names in an internet forum, and to present just your side of the story. I guess if he could reply, his story would have been totally different than yours.
On the other hand, you maybe right and you may have suffered a lot because of him, but you tend to lose other people's sympathy by acting like this.... Maybe ypu should have taken the matter to the head of the department, or your other supervisors, or to someone senior than him in the department.


I vote for this thread to be removed. It is terrible.

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actually - surely you can be sued for this kind of thing!? we don't want PGF to be sued! - is that how you spell sued or is 'sued' being hit round the face by the panda from sooty?


This is slander. I vote it is removed too.


Wow - someone has a bee in their bonnet!

And you're a POST DOC?! Grow the hell up!