Need to vent


I'm sooooo p***ed off right now I am close to tears

we have had no heating for nearly two weeks and i am cold beyond words. plumber had to order in a part (fair enough) so they arranged to come on monday just gone. they had to cancel as the part hadn't come in. were meant to come yesterday and cancelled as the courier hadn't picked up the part. were meant to come today - even had a phone call advising approximate time this morning - and they have just rung to say they aren't coming as they STILL don't have the part. apparently they're coming tomorrow but will believe that when i see it!! :-s

other half was in a real mood this morning and completely useless around the house so wanted to throttle him (fortunately he went to work around lunchtime) - is it really completely unreasonable to ask him to make the bed and to pick up rubbish (actual rubbish by the way) he had left on the floor?! :-s

i've also had the worst headache for the last 3 days - all i want to do is lie down in a dark room and sleep :-(

sorry for posting my woes, but i'm at home on my own and just needed to vent

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:-( sound rubbish. I hate it when its cold, its the worst possible work environment for me - even if you have loads of clothes on your nose still gets cold! and hands with the typing!

I suggest hot chocolate & hot water bottle. Hvae you thought about an open fire next to your PC? A bit dangerous but worth it for warmth.

Not sure if this will make you feel worse of better, but here goes

I would try and clicker train the other half. Have some biscuits around, so when he picks up litter, click and then award with a biscuit (they are that simple).


ooohh poor you leanne! Seriously feeling for you here, I've had a bit of a week like that myself. Try tyoing with fingerless mittens, it won't be great but at least ur hands won't suffer frostbite as quickly...and u should get those thermacare heat patch things, sitting all day at a computer when it's cold is not nice for your back, getting a bit of heat there will really help.
As for the other half..pfff! Yesterday morning while taking a well earned break I told him I was tired and the response? Go to sleep. I say, I can't because I'm at work, and in the middle of experiments...the response....Well don't complain then...Nice! Deep breaths, you never know he might return with his tail between his legs! and in the meantime, hot choc and actual chocolate bars will fix your broken spirit :-)


You have my heartiest sympathies Leanne, I cannot cope with cold when I'm trying to work. When our heating broke I actually shut myself in the kitchen with my laptop and ran the oven with its door open! Seconding suggestions of hot beverages and choccie btw, there are few things a bit of lindt can't fix (well, aside from obesity and diabetes obviously). Is there anywhere else you could work in the meantime, like a nice cafe or library?

LOVE sneaks idea of clicker training the other half, hehe :-) there's also the excessive praise approach where you do such a "my clever 2 year old just used her potty!" routine that they become shamed into behaving better.


thank you for your replies! I wasn't able to access the forum yesterday afternoon for some reason

feeling better this morning - went out with friends last night to a union production of the full monty whih provided some much-needed laughs (plus a few nice bums!!) ;-)

OH stayed at work o/n last night and seems in a better mood this morning so hopefully that will be a bit pleasanter later! unfortunately he is very stubborn and clicker training would never work... normally he is ok, but sometimes he forgets he is a member of the human species!!

plus the plumber is supposed to be coming out this afternoon - so fingers crossed!

I'm off into town now to a nice cafe to sit and warm up for a bit

thanks again for your kind replies! The video just made me feel jealous unfortunately!


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ah sorry Leanne, maybe when the plumber has been you can pretend the warmth is coming from the 'real fire' video instead!