open letter to academics


Saw this posted on Twitter. Some food for thought to carry into the New Year!


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Maybe our lad here was taught by too many sessional staff on temporary low paid contracts who were rushing from job to job and probably rather depressed and desperately in need of a bit of support themselves. The system needs changing, that's for sure; but I really do get the impression that a lot of students think all academic staff just swan about dreaming of their 6 weeks holidays in Tuscany and their fat early pension. when in reality, many of those on the ground live on poverty level pay, dreadful job insecurity and an immense work load - not to mention the stress of dealing with ever more obnoxious and rude first year undergraduates who demand their money's worth...

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I started a lecturing post this year and I am exhausted by the amount of teaching I have to do and that's 'official' hours - all those students who insist on coming to see me out of those hours is in the 100s - So far I've been very open and accomodating, but I can see its not sustainable - I've had no time to do my own research because of trying to support students. I've ended up working 12 hour days 7 days a week. I can't keep this up, and as I'm held accountable for the REF, the research needs to take priority.

THe problem with the fee increase is that students assume lecturers get more money, when they're just getting the same! but for more work as we are held accountable for student experience/satisfaction and employability. I've had 1 day off this holiday :-(


Tricky one. I'd have been livid had I been paying tuition fees for my 'supervision' and I can see that many academics are overworked but my supervisor, in my opinion, is very anxious to be promoted (work is the only thing in their life and I sense they're a lonely person but could be wrong) and volunteers for absolutely everything, far too much on their plate and I, for one, suffered for it. The PhD for me was not a good learning experience and I didn't feel at all inspired by my supervisor. I'd have put a complaint in had I been paying fees. They just didn't do their job, in my opinion.