phd advisor - review of the review of the review.....


Hello everyone.
I finished my phd funding in december 2019.
since then covid + plus having a child (january 2021)...
Before my due date i sent all my thesis to my supervisor. Since then I had a licence and she reviewed two chapters; asked me to rewrite them (almost half of the thesis) and so I did, with a lot of family help with my baby...
In the end of July I sent her my whole thesis again with the reviewd chapters, and also an introduction.
She's now reading my whole thesis and reviewing the chapters i have already reviewd! With new information! Asking me to do more and more work! I cannot and never will have a perfect thesis. I am unemployed (I am looking for a job), I have a baby, the thesis is becoming an issue between me and my husband... My friends are telling that I have to say that at a certain point, my thesis is done, wether she keeps reviewing the review of the of the review of the review... My supervisor is very demanding and not much into dialogue. Any suggestions?

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There is a lecturer in my department who is notoriously like your supervisor, an anal perfectionist with no social skills or sense of time constraints. From seeing what they did I would suggest; make them focus on one chapter at a time then stop giving them drafts when you are happy, grow a think skin (they will never be happy so don't try), draft in support from second supervisors if possible, give them fixed dates and tell them you will submit regardless of their opinion. I wish I could be more helpful and I completely feel for your situation.