PhD "Guidance" killed motivation and excitement


Except for shouting and showing me how I am dumb my Ph.D. supervisor not done anything. Always pushed me to work on his ideas on his timeline. Once I was not able to cope with the deadline supervisor threatened me that I will not be in this position anymore. This killed my complete motivation behind my Ph.D. and shouting-abuse killed my excitement about research. Just pushing days to complete the Ph.D. and crying in a toilet. Never thought of this day during Ph.D. :)

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Hi rrock,

You have a toxic supervisor. Your supervisor should not be shouting at you, saying that you are dumb or threatening you, that is not appropriate or nor should you accept it. I wish you had a better supervisor and you you are totally justified in losing your motivation. Bad supervisors are not healthy for you or anyone else. Do you have a second supervisor you can talk with or another academic at the uni? You could also possibly try to get a new supervisor and your student handbook/ students union might be able to help.