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i am now working as a RA in a university. I just started my job last Monday but the director i am working with is so rude to me and shows no respect. i feel very uncomfortable working with me. I have such symptoms as being unable to sleep and eat and fast heart beats. i am thinking about quitting now. any advice?

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hi dotdottung,

I am sorry to hear about your situation. No one deserves to be made to feel uncomfortable at work and I think you are right to plan to leave. Though have you considered talking with your director about the issues or with colleagues on how they manage? Sometimes there are easy solutions if you talk with someone. Saying that, can you afford to quit straight away or do you need to continue in the short term for the money?


Hi rewt,

Thanks so much for your reply. I haven't talked to other colleagues yet. But I will try to talk to them to find out if they had any experiences similar to mine. Since no notice or wage is required in the first month of probation, I can actually leave at any time. But before making my final decision, I will try to stay there for one or two more weeks (before the first month of my probation ends) and see if there will be any improvements. If nothing positive happens, I will resign. Of course, I need $$$ but working in an uncomfortable working environment will affect my work efficiency and health. I can only look for other RA or non-RA jobs, full-time or part-time, to support my life.

BTW, which field are you in? What do you do now? I am in the language education field.

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Sorry about the delay, I have actually did some work once.
So they are making your work for free for a month? That doesn't sound good long term but if you can make it bearable in the short term at least the money always helps. I understand negativity can permeate from your job to the rest of your life but if you can establish ways to separate them it is an incredible skill for your future careers. I think once you stop caring and I mean genuinely stop caring, things get easier. As in the UK at least the education system is all about being "your best" at all times which we carry over into the real world when in fact we jut need to do enough. I am not saying have no pride in your work but find inner validation instead of relying on your boss.

I am still a PhD student in engineering, although I did suspend my PhD for nearly a year to work as an RA for my supervisor on externally funded projects.


Many years ago I worked in a lab which involved liaison with a senior scientist who was very blunt and came across quite aggressive at times, never friendly on any occasion. This made my job more difficult, I didn't enjoy the job because of this. I informed director of that area, they informed me they knew of this person's manner, there had been prior complaints, my role had a high turnover. However, I was informed nothing would be done as this person was an 'excellent scientist' and they did not want to lose him from the lab. I resigned and moved on. My initial Ph.D. supervisor had a similar manner, which had affected others, again its likely that nothing will be done about him. Given what you have said I would just move on, particularly as you are being subjected to negative behaviours from someone very senior. You sound like you are suffering from anxiety, my initial Ph.D. supervisor caused me to feel like this also.