Question for those who have done independent research



I have a question for those who have done some degree of independent research, whether before or after the PhD. Although I currently have some institutional support to do my research in the field of digital arts, I do not hold some a research position. I would like to interview some people about their work but something is bothering me. When I was doing my PhD, we had to fill a form for committes but also provide an official document to the person you wish to interview. It was a form to reassure the person you interviewing that you are not going to misuse or misrepresent what they are going to say. It was also a way of getting permission to use the content in an article, etc... The institution where I work are pretty bad at this, there is nothing official.

So, I am aware that some people work as freelancers or doing independent research. Do you just go for it, or do you write down a statement on how you plan do use the information you gather from the interview. This is not an experiment or anything like it, it is in the field of art and I would like to interview a few artists about their work. If someone has done something similar, I would appreciate any sort of advise or input.

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Any research that involves human subjects requires ethical sign off if your want to publish in a peer reviewed journal . Even if you have informed consent from adults.

However, if they agree to be interviewed and you follow ethical guidelines you ca post to open access platforms with a clear conscious.