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Ok folks, here's a (hopefully) fun procrastination thread, we haven't had one for a while, so here goes...

I just watched the last couple of Dr. Who episodes and feel compelled to express my admiration for his latest encarnation. I held off for a long time because i felt no-one could hold a candle to David Tennant, and because I think in this day and age, we should have a woman Dr., I'd certainly be up for it. But this new bloke is fabulous. I reckon he's like an old style Dr., but up to date too, he's perfectly odd and old school.

What do you think?


Tennant's still my favourite, but I've voted for "The new bloke is supa dupa" because I really think he is excellent, and one of the best. I was incredibly sceptical when he was cast, but he's been great from the word go. I'm very impressed with him every week.

And I've been a fan of the programme since 1978 - ages before many folk here were born I suspect! "My" Doctor for a very long time was Tom Baker, the first one I ever saw.


I'm not voting as I don't watch it but my first Doctor Who (who I hid behind the sofa at) was John Pertwee (I'm showing my age).


A nice thread, Eska. I can't vote, unfortunately, since I've never watched a single episode of any version of Dr Who at all.


Ok, i admit i don't watch much Dr Who - but i did love David Tennant! However, my vote is for equality - female Dr Who all the way!!

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The doctor I remember as a child was Sylvester McCoy. David tennant is my favourite still, but I do like the new doctor - its just lost the totty aspect it used to have with tennant. However, I've been a bit disappointed with this series, I like Amy Pond and the Dr. but don't think the stories have been that great, I'm not sure whether they feel a bit more childish now, or maybe its because last year we only had the specials which were obviously more intense than the usual episodes. hmmm.

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I remember both Tom Baker and Peter Davison as the Doctor when I was a kid - not sure now which I preferred! But I think the new Doctor is fabulous - I thought maybe he'd be too young, or too overshadowed by David Tenant, but he's got this way of playing to the Doctor that makes him seem ancient and innocent at the same time, and he's made the part his own. Love it!

But yes, next incarnation needs to be a woman!!


The new doc is finally growing on me (maybe from seeing him run around in a towel). I miss David T though :-x

Love Amy Pond, she's definitely one of the better companions. I agree about the story lines, not as good as last season.


i do like the new doctor who - didn't at first, but he does grow on you! not sure he quite lives up to david tennant though! I think more than the person, the storylines just aren't quite as strong. The ongoing Dr Who and Rose storyline of previous seasons was really good and seemed to really anchor the show. I think this season feels like 'Dr Who lite' Still enjoyable tv though!