Selecting journals for future publications


Hi everyone,
I am a post-doc and I am trying to select a few journals where I could/would need to publish. The main reason why I am struggling to choose is that my research expertise is cross-disciplinary. I have to decide where I would like to situate myself as a scholar and this is difficult for me to do. I feel this is a very important decision and I am not aware of all the dynamics involved in it. I studied and worked in different departments, which were very different but all related to my research projects. Is there any tool that could help me select relevant journals for me to consider and whether they would be suitable to disseminate my work relatively widely? How can I approach this considering my interdisciplinary background and contributions?
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post and offer some suggestions.


The first thing I would do it look at where you PI and other colleagues are publishing, that will be a great start. The read the aims and scope of those journals, will they work? Secondly, what journal are you getting your information from or a reading form a lot, also a great place to start. If there is a project proposal, that might have mentioned some. I would also look at people in your field, who attend the same conferences etc. where are they publish or have published.
It can be hard to choose a place, and not every journal will suit every article, but if you don't submit it you'll never know. I usually make a list of 3-5 journal per article and ranked them in other of my preferences, from there I then ask the co-authors their thoughts, once we have an order and the articles ready we submit and hope it gets accepted, if not we then have a list of backups to go with. Some journals are also quite good at the given suggestion in their publishing house if it doesn't suit there's.
You could also send an email to editors, with a brief outline of the article, asking if it something they would consider publishing-some of the top journals (nature, trends etc) required you to do this first.


Thank you both for the helpful tools and information. Much appreciated. I am still struggling to decide where I want to situate myself as a scholar but I will use my thesis' bibliography as a starting point for this list of journals. I will also look at other colleagues' publications and journals' descriptions. I hope this will help me move on.


The forward planning approach is to consider where you see yourself being, or applying to, in a few years time.

Many UK universities want 'REFable' publications. Do not take for granted they will read or evaluate them carefully internally, they may look at a coarse bibiometric like and simply ask if it's Q2 or greater.

In general a sign of a good journal is all three of:

- It ranks ok on bibliometrics;
- You see publications that you cite, and from colleagues, there;
- It rejects one of your papers.

These are not all fair (esp. #1), but it does cover how it will be viewed by both peers and naive reviewers, and #3 covers scenarios where #1 and #2 prove misleading (because both alone are not necessarily measures of quality - that a journal rejects 'ok' papers and forgoes the $ it would make from accepting them, is, fundamentally, the best indication of quality these days!).


Hi, here's information which might be useful to you:


Thank you very much to you all. All the resources and information you shared are extremely helpful. Much appreciated!