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To Mods - How come you can see sticky threads if you enter through 'phd life' but not if you enter through postgradforum on google? I want to see the sticky threads at all times hence why they should be sticky.

hmmm sticky toffee pudding anyone?


Hi Sneaks,

There are 2 types of sticky threads: orange and purple.

Orange sticky threads are site-wide across all sections of the forum and would therefore appear on the list when you click the general Forum tab at the top of the screen. This Forum tab shows activity within ALL the sub-sections of the forum.

Purple sticky threads are specific to each of the sections of the forum (eg. PhD Life, Off Topics, etc). The section called PhD Life currently has a couple of its own (ie. purple) sticky threads, which you will therefore only be able to see when you specifically click to view that sub-section. If you click the Home tab, you will be able to select an individual sub-section of the forum to view.

Only general (ie. orange) sticky threads will appear when you select the Forum tab to view the overall forum activity.

Hope that answers the question OK!

Do I get some sticky toffee pudding now?? ;-)

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hmm I do understand the purple stickys now - although would be good if you could link the forum we went in to with our username details. I.e. I get sent to PhD life cos I am a current PhD student.

But I have never seen orange sticky threads - do you mean just normal threads? or do they have a little drawing pin in them too?

Sticky toffee pudding all round! (up)


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Hi Sneaks,

Yes, orange sticky threads would have an orange drawing pin on them. They are rare creatures though, as usually stickies are not relevant to all sections of the forum.

I'm afraid it wouldn't be practical to filter you into a specific section of the forum based on your situation. This is for several reasons; often more than one section would apply to one person (eg. PhD Life and Off Topics would both apply to you), and also this might discourage you from replying to other people's threads in other sections of the site, as you might not see them (eg. if a prospective PhD student needed some advice from a current PhD student, this post would probably be posted in one of the Prospective PhD Student sections rather than the PhD Life section). Also, not all users would fit so neatly into just one category (eg. some prospective students might be interested in both a masters and/or a PhD and so it would not be helpful to automatically filter them initially into one of these sections rather than the other). I reckon it would also be a bit of a nightmare for our poor web team to set up!! Interesting idea though!

PS. Hurrah for pudding!

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hmm, I will watch carefully for these orange stickys!

Can I start one on procrastination?