Submission and name change


Well guys n gals, it's here - am submitting first draft in 21 days and full thing 31st Jan.

If this really happens (looks like it) it'll be at the 2 yrs 5 months mark.

Gulp. Scared and want to do something to energise self

So thought of a name change. My forum name that is. Any votes on these?


Anything else? Clearly I'm very creative, so I need all the help. If I like a name I'll get a new account.



Wow you're submitting so early - well done!!

I think a new name should be similar to your current one so that everyone remembers who you are - I like pug dogs so out of that list I'd choose PhDPug! I quite like Thenewbug as well.

Hope you're well chick, Nxx


I can't believe how early you're submitting - I'm still collecting data!!! Having said that, I'm not allowed to submit by the uni before Oct anyway (not that I'll be submitting then either :-( ) As for a name change..... ermmmmm....... dunno lol lol lol lol - has to be a Bug in there, you're Bug, you always have been, would be sad if Bug wasn't around anymore :-(


VivaBug? SubBug? ShouldBeVeryProud-a-Bug?

Seriously though, as someone at the beginning of the journey, well done and good luck. Two years and five months feels like a heck of a long time away for me...


Stresseed,not sure yet, fingers crossed 0 am traveling like crazy or those jobs of mine, off to Portugal tomorrow again :( so trying to squeeze in writing, finished a chapter yesterday, 2.5 more to go..inching there bit by bit...

Nat- yes, I too like PhDPug - sounds like Bug yet newish...

;-) might also go for Bug the Pug


Hehe CF time flies and will fly!! Should berworking right now bug should be the name.


this is great news bug!!!
well done!!!
love satchi