Supporting document for research grant

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I am applying for a research grant and there is the possibility to include a supporting document in the application, but it is not specified what they are looking for. It is all rather generic. There is only a page limit, which automatically excludes the articles that I published as they are all longer than that.

I suppose that I could add a personal statement, but I wonder if anyone had any experience of this and can give me some ideas?

Many thanks!



Good question - any thoughts?


I don't think you need to include anything if you feel the application has covered everything. I've been taking a class here in the US on applying for grants and that's what they told me. I think the professor said it's only if you want to include recent work from your lab that has been achieved from the previous grant.

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Thank you Reenie and TreeofLife,

This is more or less what I thought too. This kind of research grants are so competitive though that you really want to give your application the best possible chance to stand out. Although probably in the end the research interests of the selection committee will play a decisive role.

In the end I attached a personal statement including why I deserved the grant, the skills that I acquired in the course of my PG studies that are relevant to the project and what I will do with the money, as it was pretty impossible to include them in the one-page Project proposal.

So, now I can only keep my fingers crossed and wait.