The observant thread


So, has anyone noticed yet.......?

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Sneaks & Wally have 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats both (gift)

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omg omg, I'm SO (embarrassingly) excited! Well done too Wal. I hope we earned them properly (actually I don't really care) woooo.

I'd like to thank everyone who clicked the 'helpful user button' :-) and my husband for keeping my spirits up when I was a lowly 4 starer (up)



Best news all week!! :-) Congratulations guys, I feel so lucky to have ever communicated with you both!


Just logged in after a long night of work. I spent about 10 minutes trying to work out what this thread was about and then I twigged it - I've got 5 stars! I've got 5 stars! I'm going to be busy today now...

Dear supervisor,

It is with great satisfaction that I announce my intention to leave my PhD programme. I have recently been promoted at my place of work procrastination, PGF. As a result, I expect a much higher standard of living, a hectic jet-set lifestyle and a fantastic level of income. Therefore, the PhD I have been working on for 3 years no longer fits in with my long term vision.

Thanks, but no thanks,

Walminski BSc (Hons), *****

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On balance, I would say that Wal is more helpful than me, given our star to post ratio. Either that or I spend far too much time with insigifnicant posts :$

TBH I'm a bit suspicious about the whole thing - why were we both 'promoted' on the same day?

Is this an attempt to quash the uprising about no one being given 5 stars?


Omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bow to your superior greatness and incredible helpfulness and consider myself but a blot on the PGF landscape with my pathetic 4 stars - to think I prided myself on them - I now see my folly :$ I'm stunned by your continued efforts in the perfection of procrastination and only hope that, in a year or so when I too am writing up that I may, just possibly, emulate your stunning feat of 5* greatness and all round wonderfulness!!!


Quote From sneaks:

TBH I'm a bit suspicious about the whole thing - why were we both 'promoted' on the same day?

You both have exactly the same score, so it's just a coincidence that you both reached it at the same time! We're like grumpy old ogres here - we'd never go giving out stars willy-nilly! :p

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That's good, and I'm glad we both got them on the same day - wouldn't want to be all jealous over Wal's achievement!