Top 5 foods I will eat once I'm off my new diet


Mole is something you might not eat if someone tried to explain to you what it was...but if you just eat it, its great ( I think). I am trying to remember the story I heard of mole's origins-- but the Wikipedia entry is just as helpful! Ymmmm...mouth watering now!


you can't beat hot, thick slices of white toast with real, salted butter at 2 in the morning


Yes, I love raisin toast. And apricot jam.

My latest trick is, if I'm tempted to buy muffins or cookies (which I often am...bloody Ritazza on campus) is to offer half to one of the other students. Those cookies are always massive anyway.


Juno, how is your diet going?

I've started going to the gym regularly rather than diet and I feel a million times better. I'm not eating junk food either appart from my addiction to Sherbet Fountains Also trying to cut down on carbs for evening meal.

Also, why are those Eat Real bars so bloody gorgeous?????


I got to 8st 3lb, but then a combination of leaving parties, visiting my mother and general stress kind of threw me off. I haven't weighed myself since...but I'm sure I've put a few back on. Grr.

Trying to eat proper meals now cos I kept feeling deprived and eating too much on my "day off".

Never tried those bars: are they a health thing? Hang on: are they those yoghurt and pistachio-type things? I like those


I guess they are healthy but all the nuts packed into them obviously mean they are very high in calories. So they need to be eat real in moderation!

Yep, it's the yogurt and pistachio ones and the apricot and yogurt one is lovely!


Thats one of the reasons why I don't diet, I feel like I'm depriving myself and I adore food! It just ends up making me depressed.


Me too. I also use it as a way to show affection: making cookies for my other half, for example. And of course you help him eat them, naturally.

A lot of healthy stuff is quite high in calories; and cos it's "healthy" you feel like you can eat loads of it. Maybe a small cheesecake is better than a 250g bag of dates after all.


yay, i started going to the gym on saturday! am feeling like a total health freak 8-)


Oh, here's the forum!

I couldn't find it for the last two days.

Good one, Swantje! Tips from my knung fu instructor:

a) you'll ache more 48 hours after excercise than 24 hours, so have a day off inbetween gym visits: don't overdo it.
b) Fresh orange juice is good for muscle aches.

I really like exercise now I'm used to it; I feel really good afterwards.