Walminski talks politics


So, I'm coming out of the job centre today (still no job, but I haven't finished writing up anyway) and I got stopped by a news reporter. I initially thought she was trying to sign me up for Littlewoods. Anyway, she wasn't. She asked me my opinion of the Condem coalition and what I thought about the future of it. Well, I gave her my opinion all right. And I shoved the boot in with regards to what they're doing with higher education. I was pretty shocked to see myself on TV though. :$


:D You should be able to add a special TV star (groan) to the helpful ones you've got.

Local news or did you go national?!


Hi Peljam, it was just the regional news. Pity I'm writing up and lacking sleep because I looked like some unkempt troglodyte badly in need of a haircut.


We need to see the youtube clip to see just how much you stuck the boot in :-)