Weird excuses


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At the end of the summer I moved into a new flat that is big enough to invite some friends around. Every two weeks on Saturdays some of my PhD friends from the uni I'm at come around, we cook, chat etc. Now, one of my friends was really into the idea, she kept asking me when we are going to do it etc. But she keeps cancelling in the last minute saying that she has to stay in and work. First time around it didn't really bother me, it happens that we get behind with work, so fine. Second time around, same excuse. Third time around, again, same excuse. Tonight is the 4th time and she just called me up saying that she needs to work again. Now I'm getting a bit miffed off about the whole thing. I tried to talk to her about it, but to no avail. We don't have anything major coming up, like an upgrade, just a 5000-word essay for mid-January. Yes, of course we need to work on our projects, but I just can't believe that she cannot spare one Saturday evening to hang out with us.

Not sure what kind of advice I'm expecting, just need to vent a bit. ,-)