1+3 Education PhD


I am currently an undergrad in Philosophy (BA) but think I'd like to do an Education PhD. I will require an Education MSc/MRes or Social Research MSc for this. I'd ideally like to get the 1+3 funding for it. I am just struggling with a few things:

- Is there a list of the different Doctoral Training Partnerships available anywhere? It's frustrating having to research which Universities are in partnership myself.
- Do I have to stay at the same University for the 1+3? I quite like the idea of going to Newcastle for my 1 and QUB for my 3 but it's not clear if this is possible?
- If the above is possible, would I need to write about that in my research proposal?


Yes, I'm pretty sure you'll find a list of universities that are part of a scheme on the relevant research council website (eg ESRC, AHRC etc).

I think you are expected to stay at the same university for the whole thing, although in certain circumstances you can definitely switch and take your funding with you. I am just not sure if it is something that is allowed in the sense that it is part of the plan (as opposed to circumstances changing and you wishing to move).