18 months in and totally stuck


Hit 18 mmonths (part time). Got nothing to show for it, not sure where it is going and lost all motivation - know I need to sort this out, but trying to avoid it and not working as a result. Any advice?


Hi Sixkitten,

I think you are alone! My research has also got a bit stuck, as not able to get enough participants. I try to keep to date with the literature, although I admit it is very frustrating just to wait.
Do not give up!


SK, do you think its a lack of earnest endeavor on your part?


Hi Sixkitten, feel similar myself- just completely lost really, though hope to get it back on track as soon as possible. What area are you in- is it lab based?


No soc sci

My research got very close to another student of my supervisor's - I found out from them by accident not the supervisor. I've had to change track recently and can't get into anything new - just see all the work that I've wasted. Maybe I could use more of it, but just not motivated enough and don't feel it is now good enough. but I think you have a point golfpro - I don't think I'm being a proactive as I could be.


A 'plan' would be a good start perhaps. Time left, what needs doing, realistic goals, etc..


Hey sixkitten

Sounds very demoralising! I am sure that most people here have felt similar so take heart from that. Have you spoken to your supervisor about the situ? Do they know that you're changing tack with the research because of someone else? This sounds like it would be good to speak to someone 'in the know'...


Hello sixkitten - I know what you mean! I'm also part time, which makes it so easy to avoid work because there are always so many other things to do. I have a full time job and every day after work I think "tomorrow night I'll do some work on my PhD" and for months and months I hardly did anything at all. I have got round it by isolating just four or five hours every week for the PhD work and sticking to it. I do less that I'd like but some is always better than none. And it does build up over time. Don't give up - work out a timetable and stick to it as best you can. Also, draw a line under the past and don't thin about the time you've wasted or the work you could have done - it doesn't help and you can't do anything about it anyway. Let it go and start again. Good luck!


I've spoken to my supervisor - don't really get the feeling that he's too concerned about the situation (great guy, but kinda scatty)

Thanks for the advice guys - you're right that I need to sit down and work out where this is going otherwise I'm going to keep drifting. I've been avoiding work because it feels like I'm back at the start and I don't want to face it, but going to sit down and work out what I need to do to get this back on track

Thanks everyone x


Glad to hear that Sixkitten! I hope it all gets better for you from here on.