2.2 undergraduate degree is a Phd studentship impossible?


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. I would really like to know if I perform very well at masters level will the door open for a studentship from a funding body such as the ESRC? Any stories from people who managed to obtain the funding would be really useful both in your approach and also as a motivator for myself. Thankyou.


No personal experience but it sounds fine in theory. As you probably know, you won't get PhD funding with a 2.2 alone, but I would have thought a good Masters would rectify that.

Kind of depends on what the competition is like.


Most people with a 2.1 have problems getting funding, but with a 2.2 you'll definitely need a masters and you'll need to achieve a high merit or preferably a distinction.

Generally to get a funded PhD you need:
- A First Class UG degree
- 2.1 UG degree plus Masters at merit/distinction

A masters will open a door for you if you perform very well.


I got funded with a 2;2, so do lots of people (do a forum search:-)). My supervisor had to write a letter for the university stating that I had sufficient experience and achievements since graduating to make up for the lower grade; but it was all fine.