3 months to re-submit MRES


Hi everyone!

Hoping that everyone is enjoying the summer. I used to post a fair bit on here around a year ago. Ahhh the big plan. The idea was to finish my MRES (at a Russell Group institution) before embarking onto a PhD path.... It was all mapped out. Until the dreaded black dog came calling.

I should have expected it really. The isolation was too much. I decided to drop out of my PhD progression before I got my MRES result.

I got my MRES result last November (the end thankfully). A fail. Not just a minor fail, a great big cross through it. Beforehand I'd hoped that I had done enough to have something to show for the year but, upon reflection I hadn't at all (I'm reading this through thinking - WHAT DROSS!).

So from last November I had 12 months til re-submission. It felt like ages. Not as much now. There's 3 months left. For the past year I've been teaching like mad (I had a scholarship so had to replace it with income) and getting a teaching qual...

Has anyone been in this position. In short I've got some interesting data - I need to basically mould the literature review/methodology around it (not the traditional way of doing a dissertation - granted). Is it do-able in 3 months?

Any tips from anyone who's done this are appreciated.


S x