6 weeks to submission


Hi all,
New here and just wanting to vent. So ready to just quit my PhD at the last hurdle and hoping that posting might relieve a little stress. I have so much to do and feel so checked out that I cannot see how it’s possible to sit and get anything done. I’m doing a creative/critical poetry PhD and still have rewrites/edits to all chapters, have to finish the introduction and write a conclusion, works cited, and have about 8 new poems to write for the creative element. As it stands, I’ve been staring at a single paragraph for about 2 weeks now, completely unable to edit even a single sentence.
Scared to death that the whole thing is awful anyway and if I manage to submit, the possibility of major or even minor corrections and having to continue working on this is unthinkable. I just so desperately want my life back but don’t know how to get my mind straight.
I don’t know if this post is even appropriate here, or what kind of replies I’m hoping for! But thank you for reading, and I hope everyone else is hanging in there!