A day in the life of...


PhD student: Professor X, do you agree with the argument in my draft that A implies B, and therefore leads to C. I especially need help on this point. When do I get the feedback on the draft I sent you?

Professor X: You should be able to work independently.

[After 3 weeks]

Professor X: Are you making progress on your dissertation?

PhD student: I'm stuck on this A, B, C argument. The lit says little about it.

Professor X: Why don't you ask me? You should just ask me, you know.

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PhD student bangs head on wall!!!!! :-s



Haha, I have sympathy! My sup is generally very quick and thorough with her feedback but she does frequently contradict herself and mark her own changes as incorrect lol! I think she devotes most of her memory functioning to more important things than PhD students! KB


sounds familiar!