A postdoc would become a Technical staff,Is is a down shift career step?


is it a career demolishing step? Is it true, I 'd not be able to return back as a postdoc forever.

I am a women with 2 years experience as postdoc and 2 small children (4, 2 years old).
I am tired of stress & responsibilities, so I am looking for a job where I can positively participate in research with less stress, responsibilities & save time for my children.
Of course salary is far less, but salary here is not an issue.

can u kindly share ur experience with me



Yes it's a down step but does that matter if you are doing it to fit your lifestyle? It's possible to get back on the academic career ladder afterwards if you so wished e.g. in the UK there are career break grants available for this kind of thing.


It's possible to return, for example, there's Research Career Re-entry Fellowships:
This scheme offers postdoctoral research scientists the opportunity to re-establish their scientific careers after a continuous break from research of at least two years.


Dear TreeofLife & helebon,

I am very grateful for ur reply,,,
I wonder does really working as RA could be consider as a research break ,,,
Since I would work in research, I might have some contribution in publications ,
Do u think this can be consider as a research break???



What field are you in? I'm in social science, and I know of people who've worked as RAs, then gone on to get ESRC 'Future Leaders' grants, which are highly competitive postdocs.

I think the path to a permanent academic post is often a rocky one, taking in part-time / temporary teaching posts, RAs, postdocs if you're lucky. The fact you've had a postdoc already is really good. I don't think RA would be considered a research break, but that's actually probably a good thing if you want to return to postdoc or apply for another postdoc or lectureship in the future. As an aside though, is it normal to have more than one postdoc? I thought funders might not offer them to those who have already completed one, so you might find you need to go from RA to lectureship or a Research Fellow post - which is totally do-able, especially if you're still keeping publications up to an extent.

Of course, things might be slightly different in your field, sounds like you are working in science.

I'm currently finishing my PhD with a nearly two year old in tow, and can totally relate to wanting less stress and more time with the children at the moment!