A really good day


A bit random, but usually my posts are either doom and gloom rants or requests for advice, so I thought I'd post something positive for a change...

Today's a really good day - I had a meeting with my supervisor to discuss some data and we've decided that I have enough data for two of my results chapters and I can start writing these up! There's still a lot to do since I have 2 or 3 more results chapters to run experiments and analysis for, and only 6 months of funding left, but I'm finally feeling really positive that it will get sorted eventually. It's been a while since I've been feeling positive about my PhD so I feel like I've turned a corner :)

I hope everyone else is having a good and productive day!

All the best,


That's great news! Good luck writing up those initial chapters!



Great work Tulip! How far into the PhD are you? How long to go?


Cool. Looks like you're turning a corner.


Thank you guys for taking the time to post!

@MicroWest - I'm two and a half years in so I have about six months of funding left and then a year after that to finish up experiments and write up, so it'll be 18 months realistically before I'm submitted. How is your PhD going now? I think I remember reading your posts previously about sending out data for commercial analysis - how did it all go?