aaarrrggghh....waiting re: acceptance


How long are universities taking to get back to you guys? I had a phone interview on Monday. It went well. The convenor was saying things like "We'll have to arrange for you to come down over the summer" so I kind of thought it might be in the bag. He said they'd be in touch.

It's likely my references arrived at the Admissions Office on Tuesday as well. I'm 90% sure they were both positive. But I've asked if they could tell me that refs have arrived safely and I've heard nothing.

Am getting antsy and am longing to hand in notice at work!

How long are people taking to get back to you? :-(


3 hours after the phone interview for me. but that's probably because the funding deadline was coming close...:-)


I think I'll just have to sit tight and possibly badger the admins. Assumed I had got in but life can have cruel twists...:p

Cheers Swantje (up)


I was told during the phone interview and then I recieved an email about half an hour after I got off the phone. Again I think it was because there was an approaching deadline for the funding.


Do you know, I'm still waiting? :-s

I'm funding my own Masters so there's nothing like that going on. Not sure if this is a 'bums on seats'-type Masters, or one where they want a small, select and high-fee (international?) paying group. Not the sort of thing you can ask them directly...

The Admissions Team say they should know by the end of the week. However, am tonight gonna do a last-minute application somewhere else, just in case.

Thanks for your input, guys (up)


So now it turns out that my references arrived at Admissions 7 days ago but they haven't made their way to the course convenor's office yet - hence the delay. What kind of swirling vortex do they meet on the way?!?

Also, my friend got an e-mail 2 weeks ago telling her she had an MSc place and that she should just arrange a time to bring in her references and certificates. Since then she has had NO reply to e-mails or voicemails when she tries to set up the appointment. And she's handed her notice in at work on the strength of the e-mail!!!!!!!!

I know it's Clearing time and universities are very busy, but these are POSTgraduate Admissions Offices we're dealing with! Such poor quality service!



To cheer myself up I watch this rat on Youtube: