Absract accepted in an international congress


Hey everyone

My abstract has been accepted in a large confrence that will be held in August this summer .. due to lack of fund i wont be able to attend. The abstract will be published in the congress proceedings at an international peerreviewed journal. Can i register without attending the conference in order my abstract appears in the proceedings? any comments will be appreciated. thanks


You can register, of course, but it will mean paying the registration fee, though. Not turning up to give your presentation isn't a good style but lots of people do it.


Apparently you are the only author of the abstract. I think you brought yourself in an awkward position. If you do not withdraw your contribution many people might remember your not showing up. In particular if you were scheduled for an oral presentation.



Personally I wouldn't do this - I would get the paper published in another journal without it being linked to the conference. I definitely wouldn't let the organisers schedule an oral presentation and then just not turn up. As a compromise solution - can you present your work as a poster?


the same thing has just happened to me. msc research (done at uni 2) accepted at lovely international conference, phd (at uni 3) has very little to do with msc therefore uni 3 would only offer about a third of what i needed. really couldn't afford to self fund!

the second author is presenting for me which means it'll still be in the proceedings. do you have a second author? if not, perhaps your supervisor is attending and may be willing to present? you could add them as second author...