Abstract/table of contents and thesis wordcount.


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Possible stupid question here...

Does are PhD wordcount usually include the table of contents and abstract?

My regulations don't clarify this point.

Appendices and bibliography are excluded, footnotes are included, but nothing is said about the table of contents/abstract nor acknowledgements.


Hi Missspacey,

I would think, like with a publication, that the abstract would not be part of it.

Not sure about the table of contents, however this probably would not include an enormous amount of words anyway, would it?



I assumed that if it was not excluded then it was included - so I e.g. assumed that in my case contents were included.


Thanks, I am going to consider the table of contents and list of abbreviations as included in the wordcount, as they are an intergral part of the thesis, and there is no guidance to the contrary.

Surprisingly the word count of these bits and bobs do add up to 2000 words.