Academic career with ex-polytechnic degrees?


Hello everyone! I am about to complete a MSc in Psychology (conversion course) at University of Hertfordshire. Prior to that I completed a MSc in Applied Psychology at Middlessex University (both UK). I desperately want to follow an academic career in cognitive psychology and for this reason I am searching for a research assistant position so as to gain some experience in research prior to apply for a PhD.My question is : what are my chances of getting accepted in a research assistant position with degrees of ex-polytechnic unis? Is there anyone who has similar experience? Thank you in advance!


I think you should be fine if you give a good interview

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Two MScs? I wouldn't be worried about the ex-Poly label to be honest. As long as you submit a strong application and if invited, interview well, you stand as good a chance as any.

The one thing that would concern me (speaking as someone who did their PhD after two Masters - though I had a five year real world working gap) is the two similar MScs may give you a perceived perpetual student label. You will need to explain why this is not the case.

A good first degree will probably be as good a selling point as any here, to give you a variety of knowledge and skills to take into a potential PhD.

Best of luck.