Accepting an offer



It seems that two weeks after starting correspondence with a potential supervisor that I have been accepted!
The problem is that there is no funding attached.
I have also emailed other supervisors over the past two weeks but as of yet have not recieved any replies.

The supervisor has told me to carefully consider my options, I was just wondering, how long should I take in my decision process? I guess the sooner I accept, the sooner I can start looking for funding.

On the other hand, should I wait for responses from the other supervisors who may be able to offer me funding?
There are also a couple of supervisors who I have yet to contact.

So I guess what I am asking is, how long should I wait around?


You should be receiving an official letter from Admissions. Those letters usually state the date by which you have to reply to them.


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Hi, sorry I've gone and jumped the gun. I haven't been accepted into the university, rather the professor has agreed that he will supervise me...
So yea just want to know how long do you guys think I should wait on replys from other potential supervisors?