Accountability Partners- Finishing your thesis on time.


Hello everyone,

This is a new thread created to connect with those struggling to finish their thesis before the deadline. Hope we can motivate each other by posting our daily/weekly goals and updating on each other's progress. The idea was inspired by an original thread by Anthropologa. Hope you all will find this effective. :-)



Right, so here are my goals for today:

1: Draft the first two chapters of my thesis.
2. Fix the problem that I am having with my Matlab Simulation. (Not sure if that is possible in a day. Hoping for some miracle)
3. Skype discussion with my co-sup.

Good luck everyone!



The plan for today:
1: Make some changes to a paper we want to submit soon.
2: Finish an introduction section that's currently sitting around half-written.

It's going to be a tying up loose ends sort of day. Hope your work goes well!

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Hi, can I join in too? I should submit my Thesis in September as well :/

Today I'm going out, so I'm just doing 2 hours on the Thesis
My goal is:
Write 500 words of chapter 7

Good luck all!

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Okay - so 500 words complete :)
(not sure of the quality, but it's better than nothing)
I may be able to do some more this evening, but for now I'm off out.

Good luck with your targets LabPixie and Liah!

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I would also like to join. I officially end my 3 years on 31st July but know I wont be written up then as I'm still in the lab, but I need to be written up as quickly as possible after that. I've been working on my introduction today and got 2 sub-sections done. So goals:
Tomorrow: I would like to complete at least 2 more sub-sections
By the 24th June: finish this section and minor edits to another section so I can submit a draft intro to my sup.

Good Luck everyone and hope you reach your targets!

Trin x

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Me too please! I am new here but have been reading this forum for a few years now and getting lots of great tips. I would like to submit in December.

This evening I doing 2 hours work, by then I intend to have:

1. Drafted discussion paragraph or two for ch. 2 study 2.
2 .Drafted aims paragraph for ch. 2 study 3.
3. Drafted methods section for ch. 2 study 3

Good luck everyone!

Fobbled x

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okay - so completed goals 2 and 3 last night (although VERY much drafts and not finished pieces), and bullet pointed goal 1. Today my goals are:

1 - collate draft results into ch.2 study 3
2 - draft ch.2 study 3 discussion
3 - bullet point general discussion for ch. 2
4 - remove profanities from the entire first draft of ch. 2 before emailing to supervisors...

Good luck everyone working today!



Sorry for the late post. It took me longer than expected to finish drafting chapter one and its still not complete. Planning to work on chapter two today and later after that, take some some time off research.

Good luck everyone. I hope your day goes as planned.

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Right, mostly done now. Have emailed the draft to supervisors anyway! Am trying to accept to send things when they are less than perfect in an effort to move on more quickly. Good luck if you are still working on your goals. Liah - hope you enjoy your time off research :)

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Okay so I didn't get anything else done over the weekend - Saturday I went on a bike ride and a bee stung my tongue!!!! So Saturday evening I didn't feel up to much except moaning! Sunday I had my Dad over for a meal and spent the day mucking the, previously neglected, house out before he arrived!

So goals for today:
1) I had an email from a journal stating my paper can be accepted if I amend a few aspects - yay!!! So I want to amend it today ready for my sups to check

2) Incorporate sups comments into Chapter 6

Fingers crossed xx

Good luck to everyone else in completing your goals today

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So I got my sunday goals completed today, a day later but at least its done.

Just 3 more sub sections to do before this section is complete then edit the other section-and I just remembered a couple of sub sections in later sections that I'd left that are based on the one I'm writing at the moment but more specific -Damn!!

So here's aiming for the 1st of those 3 sub sections tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone for tomorrow!


Way to go BlackTrinity!

I am still working on my weekend goals. Trying to fix the simulation model. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of this week :/

Good luck to you all.

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Good luck BlackTrinity and Liah!

So I only achieved goal 1 yesterday, but at least it's done!

Today I want to:

1) Incorporate sups comments into Chapter 6

2) Write 1,000 words in Chapter 7


Can I join this thread? I have to submit end of August.
Aiming to get Chapter 2 draft finished today
Good luck all.