Hi everyone,

I know this should be further down the line of write up but if I can get one page completed it would be a start!

In the acknowledgements should one thank the participants who helped with the research (it was questionnaire based research)?

Aside from supervisors, friends and family, should anyone else be included?



Hi Delta

I think it's nice to thank participants; afterall where would we be without them?? I have often seen them acknowledged and intend thanking mine. Less is probably more with acknowledgements but I think it's good form to thank the admin staff, as well, often the unsung heroes of research.

BTW: a friend of mine wrote her acknowledgements during her first year - as you say it was a start to writing!! Probably a good idea to revisit pre-submission!


I'd recommend thanking everyone who was essential/helpful. So in your case, yes, the participants should be thanked (anonymously). I was a history PhD student and thanked lots of archivists and librarians who'd helped me get access to records I needed, singling out a couple who were particularly helpful. I also thanked my funding council. And I gave a big thank you to my secondary school history teacher who caused me to catch the research bug.


Thanks Ady and Bil. I intend to keep it short but don't want to overlook anyone and so thanks for the pointers.


Have just finished reading a 2 page acknowledgement - YES.

Mine is a couple lines, then a small para, then a couple lines. People in this order -

1. Supervisor who is my mentor


3. Para with - gran who raised me, friends and family unnamed one sentence, project I worked on, thesis committee, funding bodies, departmental folk, participants, academics who provided useful criticims


4. Two sentences on my lovely friend, co-author, sounding board, philosopher. Without him, this thesis would truly not have been written, tacky as that sounds.


I kept my acknowledgements to one page only and thanked everyone that played a part in helping to ensure my PhD could be completed, including patients, clincians, supervisors and other researchers from around the world. Perhaps contentious, but I omitted friends and family. I really wasn't sure how to word their 'support', which included 'have you finished yet?', 'what you gonna do with it anyway?' and 'yer, gonna be a stoodant foreva!' positively. So, I agree with the other posters: just make reference to the people, whether subjects, supervisors or friends and family, that really made a difference to your work.