Acknowledgments questions


When you write the Acknowledgements - do you put people's job titles or adresses in?


It depends how significant their contribution has been. For people like sups, or who have stood out then yup job title (no address), for other its a case of "From the University of X: Professors J** H****, A** F*** etc


My supervisor has contributed so little I'm mulling over how best to acknowledge him.....


How about "To the incompetent fool who nearly wrecked my PhD, and thus career: thanks a bunch"... although that may not win you many friends!:p


Don't tempt me ;-)


i got around it by thanking 'my very talented supervisor x', without stating what they are talented in (ie being a bitch)


I went through a similar dilemma with my Honours thesis. I just felt that I had done all the work, pretty much on my own, with minimal input from anyone that I didn't really feel like putting in any acknowledgements. Of course, it's expected so I just went through the motions, but I can't say it was especially sincere.


I acknowledged my supervisors as Profs, but didn't put their institutional addresses or affiliations. I did a fairly generic mention for a BA course I've worked with, 'the staff and students of xyz dept,' and a even more vague thank you to my Uni for the funding and 'opportunities' I've received which made me feel slightly obsequious, but apparently these things have to be said.


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Am I the only one whose acknowledgements resemble a gushing Oscar acceptance speech, then? Although I did stop short of thanking God...

I haven't submitted yet but have written the acknowledgements in an attempt to spur me on. I suspect I will have to cut them down a bit. If the department had a cat, I'd probably acknowledge it! The (genuine) gushing about my supes is almost vomit-inducing. I didn't use their titles, though, because it didn't seem right as I have never called them anything other than Firstname Lastname and these are quite personal, warm thanks. Am I really breaching some unwritten rule here?


Lol, I'm like you! My MA and BA acknowledgements resembled an oscar acceptance speech and made me well up! There were a lot of people who had helped me though and I genuinely did mean it all lol - I think it must be far harder to write when you haven't had that much support!