Actuary or PhD?


Trainee Actuary or funded Engineering PhD?

if you were offered both, which would you do?


I think the question I would be asking myself (if it were me), is which of the two do I WANT to do? What does your heart tell you to do? Follow that and I dont think you can go far wrong.


This is impossible to answer! They are such different choices you must base your decision on your own preference.

Beware that many more jobs may be lost in the financial services sector over the next few years, so your actuary job may not be permanent.


Do you not think that asking this question on a PhD forum we might be slightly biased?


Yes, It will be slightly biased, but I couldn't think of a better place to ask and I have a feeling PG forum will be less biased than an Actuarial forum. Looking at other threads, most posters on this forum seem fair and logical.

I realise they are both very different choices and I would love to do both, but i have a feeling studying for actuarial exams and doing research would end up with me being sectioned.

I suppose my main point for anyone doing a PhD is:
With the benefit of hindsight, would you still do/have done a PhD or go into work?


Don't sell out!