Advice for 1st year conference abstract


My university has an annual PG conference - 1st years are expected to give 5min presentation & abstract.

I'm 5 months in, I'm about to recruit participants for my project and won't have any data at the time of the conference.

I have my presentation pretty much done but it's the abstract I'm unsure of. As I won't have any data at the time of the conference I'm not sure how to write the abstract - I don't want to make it like a literature review but feel like that's all I can do and mention the methods so far and what the plan is?

Most forums & websites advise on abstracts for conferences where you have data so that's why I'm struggling to figure out what to do!

Any advice is much appreciated!


I would write one/two lines on the background of the study. A line or two on the research question. A few lines on the methods you plan to use. Finally, end with a few line on teh potenial impact of the study.


Hi there
As a Dissertation supervisor, the abstract will only be complete once the report is complete. Hence start the intro, background, the aims and objectives. derive the questions and do the field work. `Let me know how it goes,