Advice for transitioning to industry from academia



I've been a postdoc (in Materials Engineering) for about 3 years now, but I'm wanting to take a different direction with my career and transition into a role in industry. I was wondering if anyone had been through a similar thing and had tips or advice. Also, has anyone had any luck finding mentors to guide through processes such as this?

At the moment I'm really struggling to get interviews (I have only had a few and it has been a number of months that I have been looking). Any advice on how to get through the door to an interview would also be great.

Thanks for the help.


Have you done any networking in that time e.g. attended conferences/external events/participated in online interactions with different people/organisations in your field? Some academic societies have formal mentoring schemes but there our other informal routes to finding one - it does require some searching on one's own part though.


Hi Serial,

I'm not sure how it works within your particular sector, but have you explored the possibility of offering your services in a volunteer/pro bono capacity to help develop your industry experience?

Good luck!