Advice Needed for a Job Interview



I am invited for a job interview and to this end I have to make a brief presentation, providing an overview of my current research and how it can be deployed in teaching. i am pretty excited about this opportunity and I really want the job but I am not sure how to approach the second part of my presentation i.e. how can my current research be deployed in teaching.

Any advice?! It would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Maybe mention any teaching experience you have had an how you approached this. If you haven't taught anything, think about what makes a good teacher and mention this. Highlight aspects of your research that might be particularly interesting to engage students or that might be fundamental to the basic knowledge of a subject.


Agree with TreeofLife and will also add that if you know what sort of teaching curriculum they use then I'd relate your research to that. Also, if your research involves regular collaboration you can creatively discuss how regular collaboration has helped you both learn lessons and improve your ability to communicate and deliver concepts to others coherently and effectively.


Thank you TreeofLife and incognito for your very useful insights. I really appreciate your thoughts and they will help me structure my presentation :)


TreeofLife and incognito said it all. To expand, I would basically outline how my research contributes to the main subject and the problems its trying to address at the macro level...obviously big parts of your research would be beyond most undergrads, but would certainly feed their appetite for the subject in general.

I'd also have a look at the department profile and using that, discuss how your research adds to the intellectual / academic capacity of the department and perhaps provide opportunities to specialize in key areas of the subject not currently not taught in the department. (i.e. possibly attracting wider enrollment)

Just my 2c


Excellent - thank you Fled for your ideas, you made this much easier for me :)