Aerospace, flight dynamics & matlab please help


I need help with a project I’m working on, if some can help it would be great, I’m coming from an Avionics back ground and I’m doing my masters in aerospace so I’m not very sure about this part of my assignment. If there is someone with MATLAB knowledge and aeronautics knowledge and knows about flight dynamics, please please help me.

**Simulate the responses corresponding to 5 flight modes using pilot commands to initiate those modes. Simulate the responses for each mode using the eigenvector based initialization approach. Compare the results.**

Longitudinal flight modes: 1. SPO 2. Phugoid mode Lateral flight modes: 3. Roll Subsidence 4. Spiral Mode 5. Dutch Roll

State Space models are in the Matlab code files attached. Please help. :)

Many Thanks



It's been many years since I've done this kind of thing.

I’m assuming you’ve been provided with a de-coupled longitudinal + lateral/directional model and are being asked to compute the open-loop responses to (pilot) control inputs, i.e., do time and/or frequency domain analyses of the various modes.

If you send me a private message with more details on your problem I’ll see what I can dig out (I’m completely swamped with thesis writing at the moment so please don’t expect a whole lot).