Alone and Scared


I'm such a big girl.

I'm in a country I've never been to before for a week, by myself, for a conference. This morning I set out to find the conference building and got totally lost so I came back and e-mailed the organizers to say I couldn't find my way. All they said was that registration was on all day, so could I come later. They also said they haven't received payment for the conference - they have though, because I got a receipt from the bank. Now I feel like they're annoyed at me and I was already nervous about going.
The city isn't particularly nice either so there's not much to enjoy in terms of architecture or weather. I usually don't mind being on my own but I'm really feeling it now and I want to go home :-(


Don't worry - can you look up directions to the venue on google maps? Similarly can you print off your receipt so that you can sort out the payment issue when you register?

I'm sure you'll feel much better once you've found the venue, registered and got chatting with some of the other attendees (I'm sure you're not the only one feeling the way you do). Good luck :-)

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I often feel like this at conferences - fine getting up to the city, but once there it hits me. I agree with lupin, work out where it is, get a taxi if needs be and take along the receipt, I doubt they're in a mood with you, they just see a name on a list, so its nothing personal.


I have a conference this week and I haven't even put together my powerpoint yet!!! ARgh!


Get a taxi there... Once you find the building you can make your own way there...


You'll be OK. If you're staying in a hotel, ask the staff for directions (it's their job, dammit). Taxi is a good idea.

The conference organisers are not pissed off with you: they are probably nervous about their conference being a success, so they're probably greatful for anyone actually turning up (imagine throwing a party and being nervous about no one turning up, that's how they feel)


Oh and if there is not much to do there then use this as an oppertunity to socialise and get to know the people presenting/attending the conference as if you are presenting then I assume that everyone there is in your research area so im sure it wouldnt hurt your career if you got to know fellows in your research area.


Ok guys, I'm heading back for round two. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I'll let you know how I get on x

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hey Keep Calm, I'm sending big hugs! You will be fine. I always feel like this until I start speaking to people and find a 'friend' or two to pally up with. But everyone's in the same boat. I doubt they're fed up with you, they're probably just in a bit of a nervous tizzy and didn't check you off their list when they should have done.

Good luck, I'm sure you will be fabulous.


Awww you poor thing :-( As the others have said it'll be ok when you get there and find people to chat with - nothing worse than getting lost somewhere where you don't know anybody and then the hassle over the fees too! Hope you're feeling much better now xxx



Thanks for all your good wishes and advice. I got a taxi back over there, which I should have thought of at the beginning but never mind! Fee situation was sorted out straightaway. Rest of the conference was fine, I didn't talk to many people and didn't pluck up the courage to stay for the reception at the end but I'm not too worried about that. As long as I can get through it and present my paper well, I'll be happy.
On the way back I went to the harbour and city centre which were actually amazingly beautiful, so that made my day.
Overall I'm feeling much better. I feel proud of myself for even coming out here on my own as I wouldn't have been brave enough a couple of years ago.
Baby steps :-)


yey! :-)


Good KC!!!!!!!!! Well done!
Tomorrow things will be much better! I am always alone at the conferences I go, but in the end I make good conntacts and some "friends".
Be careful with your presentation!!!! The last conference I went to was a disaster! A virus deleted all my files from my USB and I (almost) had no presentation. I was lucky to have my laptop with me, and I had an earlier version of the presentation saved, so I ended up presenting that one!
SAVE IT IN SEVERAL FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!